Argos Shipping Agency, C.A., provides general agency services, port, and all those logistic services that allow to deliver a comprehensive service to their represented. The agency services provided by Argos Shipping Agency consist in the attendance in ports to any kind of merchant ships including the administration of cargo handling, management of goods’ movements and the coordination and assistance of integrated logistic services. Our services highlight by its quality and efficiency, providing timely, proactive, effective and quick solutions to our clients throughout all the works we carry out for our customers in ports, terminals and depots.

Our management is always concerned to deliver timely and quality information to all our customers. This is the detail of the main tasks undertaken by all Argos Shipping Agency, C. A. offices:

  • Ships’ Agency (General – Port – Protective).
  • Crew movements and crew changes (immigrations, air tickets and transport coordination).
  • Delivery of spare parts and assistance to ships.
  • Legal advice.


Ships’ Agency (General – Port – Protective).

Our experiency in ships agency service has been honed over the past 20 years and we’re extremely confident our 24/7 ships agency service guarantees you can trust us to take care of all the essential port operations for your ship, barge, rig, cargo or cargoes quickly and efficiently.

We can arrange the following

  • On-line information and control of ship’s in real time, ensuring constant monitoring of the status of vessel’s port operations through the release of: arrival and departure reports and continuous status of on-going operations at port.
  • Attendance on board vessel to meet the Master
  • Confirmation of specific port operating practices and restrictions
  • Verifying & checking all cargo documents (final Statement of Facts, timesheets, agent’s reports)
  • Approving bills of lading
  • Assistance with post-call issues
  • Stores
  • Delivery and customs clearance of spare parts
  • Customs procedures.

All are arranged to suit your needs, without fuss or delays.

Crew movements and crew change.

The efficient movement of crew is a challenge for all shipowners, operators and managers. Argos Shiping Agency, C. A. can look after all your crew change requirements, through our experience as ships agents we know how important it is for the safe arrival and departure of your crew in a timely but cost effective manner.

We have contracts with major & local taxi firms as well as major and local Hotel’s throughout Venezuelan ports making the process as smoothly as possible.

We can arrange the following:

  • All Venezuelan immigration formalities
  • Ok to Board Letters
  • Transportation to/from intended ship
  • Booking of flights to/from Venezuela
  • Hotel accommodation from small to large groups, from budget, business to luxary hotels.
  • Medical & dental treatment
  • Currency exchange
  • Phone top up cardsime in hotels.

Ship Supplies.

Argos Shipping Agency, C. A. has an extensive network of suppliers who are always on hand to provide everything a ship, or its crew, could possibly need.  You can trust us to deliver any urgent spares and provisions whenever they are needed.

We can supply your vessels with following victualling needs:

  • Food, cleaning and stationery products
  • Engine and navigation spares
  • Paints
  • Miscellaneous items
  • Coordination of delivery of fuel oil orders (ship’s bunkering).